Sunday, December 12, 2004

Tony Pierce LIVE!

I'm not the only blogger to be appearing on national TV this week.

Tony Pierce will be interviewed on G4TechTV's Screensavers... from their site:

PREMIERE DATE: 12/13/2004
NEXT AIRING: 12/13/2004 7pm ET / 4pm PT
Tony Pierce, Alan Tudyk, Slashdot Killers
"How to Blog" author Tony Pierce explains the wonderful world of blogging. Actor Alan Tudyk, who played the title character in "I, Robot," talks about the latest advances in motion capture/CGI film performances. Also, Kevin P. presents his holiday wishlist of gifts, and we look at news websites that may be "Slashdot killers."

Tony will be on to discuss and promote his new book, a collection of blog postings, that he's calling "How To Blog." This self published book, according to Tony, is selling like hot cakes. I encourage everyone to buy a copy.

By the way, the post "How To Vote" is on page 202. For newer visitors or those with short memories, I based my first Group101 short film on this blog post, which is still available for viewing anytime by going here.

Again, tune in Monday, Dec. 13th, at 7pm ET / 4pm PT on G4TechTV.

a couple other bloggers I recently stumbled across: Ridor describes his site as "the world's one and only blog reserved for the legendary Deaf Gay Militant Terrorist"... title aside,Pork Tornado is one of the funniest essayists I've ever read...