Thursday, December 23, 2004

World Premiere Video: "The Bag"

Made on a consumer grade video camera with no script, no lights, one actor, two directors, and El Pollo Loco for lunch... while I can't say I'm all out proud of this video, I can attest to having learned a lot from it, especially in editing. I played A LOT with something called "key frames", which you'll see I didn't use with any restraint or attempt at subtlety.

"The Bag" is an offbeat, music driven thriller about a girl, played by stunning ingenue Michelle Markowitz, and a bag with unknown contents. My co-director on this was Jason Sax, who has his own cut of the film I hope to show here for a side by side example of how editing can work.

Contest: Free GMail accounts to the first three people who can correctly identify the two music tracks used in the video (leave your answers in the comments).