Monday, December 20, 2004

A much overdue post

My fancy holiday template is being wasted. I planned on writing all about the Christmas season, how to celebrate it in L.A., and random memories from years past... but... procrastination has been my sickness of late.

My computer continues to have hiccups and burps, residual problems from the virus/spyware attack that occurred last month. I won't bore you with the details, but my conversations with Dell India customer service were a bit of a Catch 22; my CD drive wasn't working, but they still kept insisting the way to solve the problem was to back up all my files to disk, then reinstall all my software... although I need my CD drive to do both tasks. This took A LOT of explaining to do. Their solution was to send me a new CD drive, which still didn't work. I ended up doing a web search, found a message board about the problem I had, and someone posted easy instructions on how to fix it by messing with the code of your computer. Thanks Dell - that $200 extended warranty is worth every penny!

But who comes here to read about such crap?

On the bright side, on Friday I was called by the girl I'd interviewed with a couple weeks ago, and she asked if I could do some work THIS WEEKEND. The job was to do site visits/location scouts at a handful of malls for the event she's putting together. I pointed out how perfect it was, since the only plans I had for the weekend was going to malls and shopping for gifts. So, yeah - I'm a lucky bastard. I pretty much was getting paid while I shopped.

Anyway... I promise something more interesting tomorrow.