Thursday, December 30, 2004

Zameer found!

After talking with other friends and co-workers of his, I learned that I was probably the least worried of everyone. We brainstormed a bit, trying to figure out how to contact his parents perhaps, but finally it became just as simple as picking up the phone.

His Indian cel phone is posted on his blog.

It was three o'clock Los Angeles time... I had no idea the hour in South Asia... so when he picked up the phone, he sounded more annoyed than anything. I kept it short, since his answering the phone at least let us know he was still alive. He didn't sound up to talking, but said he's in Goa, one of the few unscathed resort coastline in India.

No idea if he was there when the tsunami hit, or if he'd taken refuge there.

He said he'd tell the whole story when he returns to the States in a couple weeks.