Friday, May 14, 2004

Back to work...

At the final hour today the COMPANY that I've been trying to work with as a tour manager, on an event that would have started yesterday, finally called me. Meaning that I'd jump into their training on SUNDAY. Instead of being filled with joy, I'm taking this gig with a spoonful of apprehension. I'm not being offered the tour manager position, but an assistant role, and at about half the rate that I I've been getting for a couple years now.

But... the money is secondary. I'm swallowing my pride - and professional qualifications - and going with it because a) this is a company I want to work for, and hopefully they'll trust me after I do it this one time, b) it'll only last three or four weeks, so I can then go off and work on X Games, and c) i'm going a little batty working at a casting agency sitting at a desk all day. Point "a" is the biggest - they seem like a really cool group of people with some interesting projects.

So... if you live in Southern California, look for me on one of the stops of the Dave & Busters tour, setting up video games on the ground floor of assorted office buildings in Orange County, Anaheim, Long Beach, and possibly San Diego. The basic idea is to bring "Dave & Busters" to the people (its an adult arcade/bar chain across the US) where they work, video games and food, and then point out that a bigger, better D & Bs is just a few blocks away.