Thursday, May 06, 2004

Still in a foul mood...

An x-ray of my tooth.Dentist yesterday wasn't so bad. For one, the guy only took a look. For two, he seriously, only a took a look at where I said it hurt - this is definitely not a normal dentist - this is the fast food kind, where every thing is served a la carte, and by a UCLA student. A quick x-ray, and he said it looked it like an easy pull. "If it was a bottom tooth, or if it was impacted, then you'd feel some pain," he said. He added that maybe I'd have a day of discomfort after. Phew. Anyway, the extraction isn't for a week or so. And it'll also be about 1/2 what they told me on the phone. Of course, since everything is a la carte, I'm sure they'll ask me if I'll want any "extras", like pain killers, and then I'll be paying out my ass.

But, still no word on the job that would start next Thursday. They said they'd get back to me soon. I'm going a little mad over it. I thought I was a lock for the job, that was the impression I was given. Three interviews later, they still don't know if they want me - for a month long job. What evil forces are working against me? Out of frustration, I took another peek at the web site for the Army Reserves. I need to figure out what to do with my life.