Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I'm in a foul mood...

Brought on in part of the impending doom of my dentist appointment at 12:30 Wednesday (today), in part because I was stewing up in Burbank all day, but mostly because even after my THIRD interview on Monday for THE COMPANY, they still haven't made a decision yet. And the gig would start next week.

My tooth feels fine right now. Haven't noticed it in days. So after being told how bad getting a wisdom tooth, especially a molar, removed, I'm wondering if I could postpone the extraction for a while. Some people tell me that its unlikely that my appointment and the operation will be on the same day - but I'm not going to kid myself. Tomorrow will be the beginning of the most painful experience of my life. Besides sitting through "Matrix Revolutions".

If nothing else, maybe I can get someone to take some pics, so I can share the experience.