Saturday, May 15, 2004

Gunslingers, Lakers, and Strippers

Adding to my newly invigorated love of Westerns, I've been playing Red Dead Revolver on my Playstation 2 whenever I get the chance. Its perfect now for me to play as soon as Deadwood ends.

Over at Katzinjammer's blog, word has been he'll be moving to South Dakota. I didn't think this would be as cool to blog abouf as an Alaskan fishing gig, until I just realized: the REAL Deadwood is in South Dakota. I am now jealous. (by the way, if "Tall Guy" is reading this, Happy Birthday.)

The Lakers game is on here, and Claire and I have a couple chicks over to watch the game. Sad... I'm the guy, and the only one not wanting to watch. Of course, in true jock-like fashion, the girls are sipping wine and enjoying cheese and crackers. The best part is Claire whipped up some homemade guacamole.

I'm trying to convince one of the girls, who works as a booker for an "erotic dancer service", to blog about it. She says she's gonna check out my blog, think about it, and possibly recruit my help to set it up. Whatever it takes to get her to divulge all the juicy details...

Tomorrow, on Sunday, I start "training" for the new gig... down in Irvine, one hour away. Ugh. There's a relief that I have some work, but I'm not too excited about the job. Its consistent money for three weeks - yeah, thats consistent by my standards. And, my days will be spent with video games. Who am I to complain?

And finally, in the good news category, Jeff Bacon just sent me my share of the money some British company is paying us to air "Arrowhead Beer." Its a token amount, but still the first time I've been paid for my hard work. Bacon now supposedly has an idea for an anti-Bush ad he wants to shoot... so hopefully, assuming I dig the concept, I'll have a project to fill my time between my new job and my summer ESPN work.

Heck... maybe I'll need to visit Deadwood...