Friday, May 28, 2004


Last night I had a dream that Bunny McIntosh was trying to seduce me. This was my first "blogger" dream ever, and somewhere in the middle of it Tony Pierce, the Los Angeles based mayor of blogdom, also popped up (walking by, no porn cameo). I have never, ever, met either of them.

Bunny McIntoshNo suprise about Bunny, though. She was the blogger who first got me interested in the scene. I was browsing through photos on Friendster a few months ago and found her profile. The shot (at left) of her in the nurse outfit made me into an instant fan. I'm a sucker for red heads... and nurses outfits. And a redhead in a nurses outfit? Of course, in her blog, the address of which was listed in her Friendster profile, she writes that its actually her Halloween costume as an abortionist - note the blood - not terribly sexy. Well...

Unfortunately, reality stumbled into the dream. I already HAVE a girlfriend (pleasantly also a redhead). And while I enjoyed every touch, kiss, and move Bunny made in the dream, I had to resist with all my might. And also drifting through my dreaming mind is that another favorite blogger, Katzinjammer, is dating Bunny... so I felt like I would also be sort of betraying a friend, along with my girl Claire.

I wish I could share some hot and heavy details of everything she was trying to do to me, but that would be rude to Bunny, and quite simply, too exciting for my blog. Besides, my dad and sister read this stuff.

In the end, nothing happened besides that I woke up and told Claire about the dream. Of course, if it was one of the dreams where I don't remember having a girlfriend and more happens, I wouldn't share. But, telling your girlfriend that you're resisting another woman's advances, even in a dream, can be a good thing.

Bunny McIntosh -