Saturday, May 08, 2004

Happy Mothers Day

Mary Elizabeth Amadeus LaPlante Markland Kaiser Hey, Mom. How's the trip going? Have you landed yet? How was first class? Was the food any good? Any turbulence? I imagine there was probably no need for "life saving" devices on your flight, ha ha.

Yep. I'm sending an open "blog" to you. I think you'd appreciate my blog more than anyone else. You'd probably drop the word "blog" whenever you could. Everytime we talk I'm sure you'd ask if I was gonna blog about it. Any time I told you a story, or you heard a good a story, you'd say it would make a good blog. You'd always pronounce "blog" with a frog like voice. Then I'm sure you'd complain about some of my blogs as being too personal, especially if they were about you, and get on me to write even more personal blogs about everything else in my life.

Working at the flower shop this weekend. Delivering to moms all over Los Angeles. Everyone thinks their mom is the best, although we know the truth.

Talk to Jimmy, Patty, and Allison now and again, although not as often as I'm sure you'd like, and certainly not as often as I'd like, but we still stay in touch.

Think of you often. I'll hear a song, see a movie, or read something in the news, and think its something that you'd appreciate. For a split second, I often think I should call you and tell you whats on my mind.

I'm a little disappointed you have yet to fulfill my request that you freak me out sometime. I'm sure you're busy, or maybe wherever you are you haven't had the chance. Maybe you are a frog now, for all I know. I'd try to contact you via Ouija, but I'm afraid I'd be disappointed with the results. Or worse, have you share some creepy news like the news the Ouija board gave you when it said you'd have two more kids, even though the doctor had said you could have no more after you had Jimmy and Patty. Then again, you also told me once that you think you were inseminated by aliens before giving birth to me.

Thanks, Mom, for taking good care of me, and forgiving me for when I didn't always return the favor. Thanks for buying me countless Yodas, for teaching me to laugh at myself, for trying to drill Christian values into me, for the faith and encouragement in all my creative endeavors (even when they contained naughty language), and for just making sure I knew that you were always there and loved me. And still do, even potentially as a frog.

Before I start getting sappy, or try to do a rewrite, I'm gonna sign off. Hope the adventure is going as well as I thought it would. And I love you.

Chalup' - America!