Monday, May 31, 2004

Brought back from the dead!

Last night Claire and I came home from a friends barbque. I fired up my laptop, to be confronted with a dread inducing "blue screen of death".


This sounded bad.

I restarted in "safe mode". The blue screen still came up. I tossed in my "boot disk" also to no avail.

I went to sleep, fearing that I had lost everything on my computer. That reinstalling my system from scratch would mean I'd lose all of the thousands of illegal downloads I had, not to mention a number of posters I'd made. Somehow I managed to block it from memory and went to sleep... and ended up having a bunch of nightmares involving me being attacked by bears, and also being taken prisoner by Iraqi insurgents.

When I woke up, I used Claire's computer (a Mac, no less), to type UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME into Yahoo! The first result was "quick fix" page, saying this wasn't terribly uncommon, and gave a few simple steps to fix it.

After about fifteen minutes following the instructions, my computer was back up, no blue screen... God Bless America.