Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Will blog for food.

Special thanks go to my anonymous donor who, after reading of recent streak of bad luck, sent me some cash. I will spend it wisely, and likely sooner than later, and it is definitely received with the highest gratitude.

But, the thing about blogs, is that the best ones are written by people who's lives aren't going so well. Reading about the rich, the perfectly content, or the innocent makes for boring reading. So, by sending me money, you're helping solve one of my problems - a little deux ex machina, for you literary types - without watching me struggle much. A blog, like any writing, is more interesting if the struggle is more difficult.

Take Benzo (We All Have Stories) for example. She's a fun writer, and bitches a lot. To be honest, she'd be fun to read for her disgruntled views on movies, but everything is exacerbated because she has some strange disease that has no cure, that I barely understand. She doesn't ever sound like she's sorry for herself, and expels a confidence, and an attitude, that I look up to. Bedridden, she may not be able to direct a movie in the near future, but I wouldn't put it past her to write the next great novel or hit screenplay.

Tyranny is a new blogger on the scene. This is the first post of his I read, hooking me right away:

The above photograph was taken in ye olden days of yore, the year of our lord 2002 to be exact. I was 25 years old. It was a simpler time. The Bush reich was still in its relative infancy, The Afghani sand-nigger was much more of a concern than the Iraqi sand-nigger, and a frightening new plague called "AIDS" was sweeping across San Francisco's homo-sin-ual bathouses like an incredibly large and murder-licious broom, killing dozens. Apples were redder, beer was colder, and if memory serves me....man alive, the pussies were wetter.

That was also the year I had a heart attack.

Then there'sSimpleton, a guy who writes without shame that he's a bit of a loser. Bad luck with girls, talks shit about his friends girlfriends and gets caught, everyone thinks that since he dyed his hair recently that he's gay. That he writes about all this so honestly is surprising and makes him one of the coolest reads on the net.

Tall Guy, aka Katzinjammer, is also a newer blogger on the scene with a little more subtelty in his personal dramas. I'm disappointed he won't be taking a job on an Alaskan fishing boat, considered one of the worlds most dangerous jobs, because I think the blogs would have been interesting. Still, from what I can discern from his posts, he tends to get fired from too many jobs for showing up late, if at all. He's now moving to South Dakota to work as a collections agent. Sounds like the potential for great blogging to me, especially if he spills the dirt on how those places operate.

With any blog you follow, you root for the heroes. But blogs aren't fiction. I never wish harm, or any additional drama, on the part of the folks.

Well, not unless it makes for a better blog.