Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Another day at the flower shop... or, more fairly, another partial day at the flower shop. I made a habit years ago to be late by at least half an hour each time I went to work there, and have been pretty reliable that way. Today I was over two hours late, or so I thought. I thought I was told to show up at one... but, was wrong: I wasn't scheduled til three... in the end, I was only half an hour late.

Which reminds me that I was informed during my senior year of high school that I had the highest number of tardies on record. Since I was one of the
"good kids" with only one suspension on record (for, gasp! skipping school on senior skip day), I was rather proud of this. The reality is I never was late for class, I just didn't show up for the study halls I had first period twice a week. Somehow, while I could take a nap in the library, or hang out behind the cafeteria and smoke, I decided to just show up for my first class and took the tardy.