Wednesday, March 17, 2004

It's 7:30 pm and I don't know where my girlfriend is. I haven't heard from her in five hours. I think its a record. I'm somewhat glad about it - I love time alone, and we both live together, and both barely have jobs... so, this time alone is very, very nice. To be honest, I just want to know if she'll be home soon, cause if not, I'm gonna go see a movie. "Starsky & Hutch", I guess. Or maybe I'll just rev up the PS 2, connect it to the DSL, and geek out with the headset...

What's the deal with the bloggers avoiding the use of capital letters? Maybe the 'ol shift key is a ball and chain they'd rather be without so they can write quicker and more freely and... it doesn't bother me too much, until I look at my posts and they look kinda - uh - starchy compared.

Last night I heard evidence that this building we live in is, indeed, haunted. Throughout the evening I heard what sounded like a marble rolling across the floor from somewhere in the bedroom. I first thought it was the cats - but no, they were dead asleep. When it happened a second time, I figured it might be in the lobby, somebody dragging a chair around or something. I finally went to bed after 2 am. A few minutes later, I heard the sound again... twice. I grabbed a flashlight and went to the lobby - nothing. I even checked out the ever creepy basement, where homeless guys have been found napping, heronine kits found, and my storage unit busted into. Again, nothing. My last check was the roof, where, again, there was nothing. I'd probably have been to creeped out to sleep, but I don't believe in ghosts... man, I hope I get proven wrong someday.