Friday, March 19, 2004

Ten years after living in Los Angeles I finally broke down and had some headshots made:

After the shoot, I realized why models are all anorexic. After one glance at these shots I feel like I must look like Jabba the Hutt. I never used to feel this way... but, in reality, I think I definitely am thicker than I was only a couple years ago.

The culprit?

A girlfriend.

When you're single, your a bit more concerned with your body image and - let me change that "your" to my - when I was single I bet I was self conciously more aware and concerned with how I looked. Well... not really. My diet is pretty much the same - McDonalds and Little Debbies. And I probably eat healthier now, since Claire cooks a lot and well.

Its all about comfort. I don't need to go on the hunt. I like to chill out a lot instead of seeking out hotties or other forms of entertainment. I'm content sitting in bed watching TV and surfing the net on way too many days. Not having a car was always good, since I had to walk or rollerblade everywhere. Now I'm a loaf. Its enjoyable, but after those headshots... depressing.

I may have to post pics from the nude photo shoot I did for another friend years ago... if I can get my scanner to work.

(by the way, my pics were done by Zameer - he's good and cheap)