Sunday, March 14, 2004

Okay... hopefully I've now spent enough time formatting this thing that I'll be happy for about, oh... two days. So now no more excuses. Besides, I read over on the busblog that its really annoying to write about not writing blogs... which seems pretty self evident, but everyone is an assclown now and then.

Now its time to find "my voice". I'd like to restrict my politicizing to the message boards. And it's hard to really confess whats going on in my head if all my friends, especially my girlfriend, reads this.

I thought I could do a blog on how much Kinkos sucks, and post every time I have a bad experience there - which is every time I visit Kinkos. Or I could expand the blog into a chronicle of bad customer service in general.

Originally the idea would have been to post the little mini adventures of living in L.A. This would consist of all the celebrity sightings and meetings and coincidences and stuff about what random MTV project I'm working on... etc... but that seems kind of shallow.

Right now, I just figure if I write enough crap, and post enough pictures, maybe this'll just take on a life of its own. I should write whatever, and just see what happens.

Again, its a start.