Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Just had Wienerschnitzel for lunch. I often forget how satisfying hot dogs can be. Especially from a fast food chain.
I had two chili dogs and a six pack of their corn dog minis. Damn tasty. Its just unfortunate that there isn't a Wienerschnitzel closer to home.
However, right down the road from my place is Pinks, a Los Angeles landmark. My friend Dina once explained that what makes Pinks dogs so good is that they have "snap", which only those who've eaten there would agree with. But, because there is ALWAYS a crowd outside, it isn't a place to go for a quick fix.
My home town of Toledo has a chain known as Rudy's, which has hot dogs that are probably better than Wienerschnitzels, but until I do a side by side comparison I'll never know. Both are good, and cheap. In Toledo, if you want sheer quality, you go to Tony Packo's... although they don't serve hot dogs - they have sausage dogs... maybe they're brotwurst. But meatier than a skinny hot dog.

So, declined the trip with my dad. Would have been an adventure, and I'm regretting it already. But, I'm looking forward to Claire's shows, and I should stay close to home in the case work or a job interview pops up...