Saturday, March 13, 2004

From the lack of posts, anyone who's stumbled across this wouldn't be surprised to know that I've spent much more time trying to code and format my page than actually post to it.

Alas, my new inspiration to update this more often is my recent discovery that, indeed, there are a ton of other bloggers out there. I've been hooked for the past few nights browsing them.

My favorites so far:

Melting Dolls - The Bunny McIntosh blog

The Scott McJ blog

I haven't found a formula to a good blog yet. Bunny's are usually brief, but hilarious, quirky posts with a spattering of photos of the red head - I'm sure I'd like any blog with pictures of redheads, though. Scott's are longer rants, observations, or anecdotes - but he's a good writer, funny, and for some reason I give him a British accent when I read his stuff, a trick that makes anything funnier.

Other blogs are great for their location or situation - blogs from Iraq, by citizens and US soldiers alike - blogs from New York city filmmakers - blogs by pornstars, drug addicts, and just about anyone else with net access.

Of course, if you're reading this, you're way ahead of me. Wayyyy ahead of me.

But, hey, its a start.