Tuesday, March 30, 2004

This is cool - the Mayor of Blogdom, aka Tony "Busblog" Pierce gave me a link on his site, probably since I flattered him in a comment I left on his blog.

Flower shop was mellow. Spent most of my time talking with the Boss about the shop's website, and how he'd like to add some features. In the end I tried to get him to roll all of his ideas into a Florist Blog, wherein he'd mention specials at the shop, new seasonal flowers, and also tips on how to buy and order arrangements. He mostly wanted to write about how FTD is a sham, since a consumer can save up to $10 by calling a shop directly, and then all the money they spend goes to to flower shop instead of a 25% commission going to FTD and/or the shop that call the shop that fills the order...

Did my weekly call to "The Company", this big advertising and marketing firm I interviewed with a couple months ago... actually was called in for a second interview, but never got the job - tour managing a game show type deal that would have had me circle the country, going mall to mall, in a 20' box truck. Anyway... I bug them now and again, and today they said they might have something for me. A smaller tour, but work none the less. So I'm interested. And my friend Kari sent me a job listing for another tour "coordinator" gig. I sent off my resume right away, and feel confident about that one too. Alas, the problem is never that I don't feel qualified, its just that "they" may not know that...

But who wants to read about work?

My girlfriend woke me up this morning asking about a bottle of hand lotion she found sitting out in the bathroom. "Is that what you use to masturbate with?"

I was about to grumble a humiliating yes, but then decided the gig was out and proudly said, "Yep!"