Thursday, March 25, 2004

Its a good thing that I didn't decide to make this blog all about bad customer service. It would probably make me even more bitter to bitch about every bad moment I have calling tech support, getting fast food, and, worst of all, visiting Kinkos. I imagine that the same reason radio talk show hosts are all bitter, arrogant assholes is the same reason I shouldn't just do a bitch session blog - it'll make me even more critical than I already am.

Todays lunch was at McDonalds. I often get upset at any flaws at McDonalds since I'm certain I'm one of the chain's best customers. But, so long as my order comes out right, they include some napkins and a straw, I don't complain too much. But, every so often, through the driveway, they screw up the order... but worst is during their Monopoly seasons when I supersize the order for bonus game pieces and they stiff me. Bastards!