Sunday, March 28, 2004

I keep thinking that, as briefly as I've been keeping up with this blog thing, its quite restricting. I can't write everything I want to write, even though I rarely know what I want to write when I log on to do this.

The first mistake was in telling anyone I had this. This can't then be one of those deeply personal and honest journals. Sure, I can spatter on about the boring crap that happens in my life, but not the stuff that I'm not always so proud about. The bad thoughts, the twisted dreams, the events in my past that I would rather not share with anyone... but would be fun and oh so relieving to get out there if I knew that those who read the stuff didn't know me.

But then I couldn't post pictures of my friends and family... I'd have to give everyone a pseudonym... and I wouldn't know what types of perverts were reading my stuff.

Of course, I could have two blogs. This one, my vanilla life. And a second, with my split personality, alter ego, pseudonymous self...

But that would take too much dedication. TWO blogs? I can barely keep up with one. And what happens when I forget which one I'm logged into?

Ugh. The current boredom of life leaves me too much time to worry about nothingness like this.