Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Saw "Dawn of the Dead" tonite. Bad ass.

Since this was an advance screening, they were tight on "security" - meaning they were confiscating any camera phones. Like an idiot I brought my digital camera, and after being padded down, was told I need to check it in with the "guest services" counter (yes, the theatre has one). Anyway, handed it to a girl there and said they should take some pics... she was like, "really"? I said, yeah.

So after the film, I went for my camera. Same girl handed it back - said they took a few, and to enjoy. Alas, when I took a look there weren't any. Bummer.

Man. What a non story.

Anyway, first comment left here was by Bunny at Meltingdolls.com... that's inspiration, as she seems like a celeb on the blog circuit.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in, and then head for the flower shop to fill in. Need to sneak off to meet with the folks from the film fest at some point...

Thursday I'm having my buddy Zameer take my headshots. Ten years in L.A. and I don't have headshots. And to think of all things I need these to get some corporate mobile marketing gigs.

Damn. Time for me to dig into my stash of Samoas...