Monday, March 15, 2004

Was woken up by my cel phone buzzing (its always on vibrate), a little before noon. My buddy at the casting place wanted to know if I was available to help them out for a couple weeks as they work on the new Terrence Malick film about Pocahontas. I'm desperate for money, so I said yes.

Then I get a call from a woman I interviewed with over the weekend about working on a film festival. I thought I'd scared her away when I told her my rate... but she said they'd sold some big sponsorship so they might be able to afford me. I was highballing it a little - not an exaggeration, I've been paid double what I'd quoted before... but as a freelancer, pay varies signifigantly along with the job titles.

It sucks to me at a point where I'll say yes to just about anything right now.... well, so long as my soul stays intact. I was getting depressed that I'd have to apply at a local Starbucks soon, although I'm sure it would be as decent a place as any to work until better things come along. Just a feeling of defeat lately in this whole entertainment biz... alas, maybe its now turning around. A film fest isn't my idea of success, but good filler til the summer ESPN stuff.

Still haven't taken the time to write anything, like the short film that I could produce. But the master plan would be to write the script, work a ton of great jobs, and the next time I hit a lull to use the opportunity to shoot the script.

Now off to the grocery for my woman - she's having a rehearsal here tonite for a reading she's directing. In the meantime, my friend Frantz has invited me to a screening of "Dawn of the Dead"... a first come first serve thing, but free nonetheless.