Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Another dull post

I'm a little disappointed in the vicodin. It's just about 2am and only now have I started to feel drowsy, and think it has more to do with the time than the medication. I even drank two glasses of wine... one glass usually puts me to sleep.

Tomorrow I have to pick up my tickets for some of the panels at this weekend's Festival of Books. As to be expected, most of the speakers and subjects I want to check out are at the same time Saturday morning. More importantly, I have noticed that I have no interest in any of the entertainment industry oriented talks... am I burnt out on Hollywood? The panel I'm most looking forward to is called "Down and Dirty: Breaking the Bad News", being moderated by Mark Bowden who wrote "Black Hawk Down", about how journalists and the media cover tragic events of all nature. I now have to choose between a talk with Ray Bradbury and Ray Harryhausen or a panel of nonfiction writers called "How I Got the Story"... I'm leaning toward the latter.

Time for sleep.