Friday, April 23, 2004

Yet another lame-ass post

What a non-week. A few false alarms on jobs, too many set backs financially, and now... its Friday. So, on the bright side, I have the FREE L.A. Times Festival of Books to entertain myself with over the weekend.

Tonite is my friend Kari Newhouse's record release party for her new album "Lit at Both Ends". I'll write more about the event, and how I know Kari, on Monday... but she called and asked if I'd emcee the event. I don't know quite what this means, at least for a record release party. But, she said show up a little early and she'd give me the script. So, its an honor.

A few random notes and thoughts...

Joey Santiago and Black Francis (aka Frank Black) of the Pixies)Since I'm broke, and no job lined up until X Games for the summer, there's no way I can justify going to Coachella to see the Pixies play. Just found out today that it sold out, so its too late should my fate change drastically in the coming days. Which is fine, in a way, since the idea of all those crowds of sweaty, muddy people gives me the shivers. Alas, the money will be better spent on getting my wisdom tooth removed so I can stop shoveling aspirin into my mouth.

If people don't leave comments, I don't know if you're reading the blog. I may not respond, but please, just click on the comment button and say hi.

And, really, thats it for now. I need to re-set up my phone so i can send photos here instead of just stealing pics from other sites.