Friday, April 02, 2004

Would Eddie Blog?

Until I get a job, and a job of interest at that, maybe I need to steer my blog direction towards my eye on the news. I know a billion other biased people are doing it, so why not one clear thinker like me?

And, its hard to write about Offline Adventures when most of my time is spent being an internet junkie.

The most interesting thing to happen in the past week was bumping into Billy "Hobbit Pippin" Boyd at a party my friend Josh had. The bash was a book launch party for "Eddie Would Go", about one of the all time famous surfers, and Josh has the rights to turn it into a film. He somehow booked Tia Carrere to "host" the party, and the only other celebrities I spotted there was the dude who played Freddy "Boom Boom" Washington on Welcome Back Kotter, who starred in a movie Josh produced, and porn star Kara Knox. I bumped into some filmmaker friends of mine and hung with them for a while, but the place was getting packed, and I hate the club scene. Anyway, on my way out to say bye to Josh, I bumped into Hobbit Billy Boyd. I was tempted to ask for a pic, but figured he must be sick of that shit. I was more impressed that my friend Josh was able to get him to come.

A little background on Josh... we worked on The Usual Suspects together, both as office p.a.s. I wasn't hired until halfway through the shoot, because the office intern was fired after punching Josh for some reason. Its always a fun story to tell, especially to people who know Josh, because while he can be blunt, and sometimes rude, he's not the kind of guy you'd expect to get in a fight. Anyway, he's a great guy, and hasn't become too Hollywood, even after his recent stint as an effects producer on the Matrix sequels.

A little background on Tia Carrere... I'd known her since before I moved to L.A., mostly as one of the hotties on MacGyver. I somehow landed a housesitting gig for the producer of Waynes World 2 the moment I hit L.A., and as a thank you the producer took me to Jay Leno set, where I met Tia before she taped a segment for the movie. The producer's assistants were also trying to get me to rent Tia's guest house for $400 a month, but I'd also have to hand out flyers for her husbands clubs a few nights a week. Anyway, the same assistants warned me to be careful because Tia's husband was mafia, and I might not want to get involved in that scene. I regret saying no... imagine the tales... I could have been a Kato.

Anyway, those were the days when a blog of offline adventures would have made more sense. Now, I have a girlfriend who likes to cook, a comfy home, and not enough reason to get off my ass.

On the bright side, I've been keeping up with this blog. Hopefully I'll be able to transition the energy into more productive writing soon... I even a film idea that I'm currently calling ::: bloggers :::.

Of course, thats on top of a half dozen other ideas.

Article and video that made me crack up: - News - Bored Boy Behind President Gets Nationwide Attention