Sunday, April 04, 2004

Diet Coke Theft

Saw Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind at a Sunday matinee with Claire, over at the Arclight, the best damned theatre in the country. They have reserved seating, comfy seats, great sound. They don't let children into R rated films, and nobody gets in five minutes after the film starts. It sounds like a place for film snobs but, really, its always full of film buffs. The place also doesn't show ads for anything other than movies. Of course, it costs between $11 and $14 per movie, no matter when you see it.

Before the movie even begins Claire and I are cracking up over a trailer for the new Will Ferrell film. He's just one of those guys who could be doing Shakespeare seriously and it would still be funny. After the trailers finish, the lights dim, and two people who were walking in to find their seats bump right into each other, in front of the whole audience. A "had to be there" moment, but the whole theatre began to nervously laugh, and then erupted into full fledged howling. Well, not quite howling...

I'd gotten Claire a diet Coke that I'd sip from throughout the film, that we kept in the arm rest cup holder between us. At one point I'm digging the straw around the ice for whatever's left. A few minutes later I reach for the diet Coke, and its full again. I give it no thought. A moment later, I'm sucking around the ice again - and then realize I've been stealing soda from the woman sitting next to me - not Claire. I quickly return the diet Coke to her armrest. I decide to say nothing, but have a hard time staying silent when I hear the woman sucking around the ice herself, and later removing the lid to chew on some ice. In the meantime, I go to Claire's half full diet Coke.


Life update: I think I'm having to job interviews this week. One for THE COMPANY that I've been trying to work for for the past few months, the second for a job I saw on Craigs List for another tour production manager gig. After emailing my resume to the place late Friday, I received a quick response, saying they like my creds and wanted references. I sent those back right away. Another quick reply from the employer said thanks. I replied back, half kiddingly about how fast they were. When I told Claire about the job, and the banter, she said she knew the guy. Sheer coincidence. Someone she used to bartend with at Les Deux. She called him up right away, pumped me up, and now I have an interview next week. Supposedly this particular job may already be filled... but that might be okay. It would be touring on a boat along the East Coast, and up the Mississippi... I get seasick easy. But, would be an adventure.