Tuesday, April 27, 2004


I spent all day working on the poster I'd hoped to post... but, it still needs tweaking. However, I did swap out my picture of Astronaut John Glenn with patriot Pat Tillman. The intent, by the way, is to swap out the pic every week or so with another real life adventurer.

I'm not much of a sports fan, but I do remember reading about Tillman turning down a $3.5 million dollar NFL football contract to enlist with the army shortly after 9/11. And he shied away from media attention. This made him an immediate hero. He was the only soldier fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq that I knew by name... so when I heard he was killed a few days ago in Afghanistan, it reminded me of the real risk every soldier is in, by choice.

The only real regret I've ever had in life has been not enlisting for a few years with the military. I have a healthy disregard of authority, but also feel a deep loyalty to the country. Selfishly, a bigger reason I wish I'd been in the service would have been for the experience and the adventure. With my bad eyesight and asthma I likely would have been assigned to a recruiting office, if accepted at all... and likely would have gone AWOL just so I could sleep in instead of going to a desk job. So, perhaps, my real life has been more exciting than it would have been in the military, short of the likely dishonorable discharge.