Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Up the River

Finally, what I've spent the past couple days on... between lunch, browsing blogs, and sleep.

First is the image I was given to work with, art work by Native American artist Michael Horse. A lot of his work, like this one, are paintings of Indians using vintage "paperwork", like sheet music, land sales contracts, marriage licenses, and more. Fun stuff, to say the least - this is why I'm not an art critic.

Rene is trying to produce a comedy about Native American's, and received Michael's blessing to not only use his work, but distort it at will.

And thats where I come in. Using an antiquated Microsoft program called Image Composer, additional art work by the artist, and some cool new fonts I found on the web, below is what I came up with. There's a number of changes I'd prefer to be made, but there were things Rene wanted... I'm still pretty happy with the end result.

Besides the new text, and erasing all the old text, more subtle changes include giving the horse an eye, changing the American flag into a British one, giving the man the Monty Python treatment (dropping his jaw and giving him some teeth), and bringing some color out of the painted Indian. I'm sure that had I been using Photoshop... which I have, but have no idea how to use... I could have finished it in half the time, and made it look twice as good.