Monday, April 26, 2004

Dry Heat

Los Angeles is hot, hot, hot today. A dry heat that isn't as bad as the humidity of the mid-west, so definitely more bearable. Still people in L.A. complain about it endlessly. At least for the first few days when these heat waves hit, it seems to slow life down a bit. If you're in traffic, not a good thing. But everywhere else, even a Monday feels like a lazy Sunday.

I spent my day at the casting office, manning the fort. Renee, the casting director, and Jeff have been out scouting for a Pocahontas at a pow-wow in New Mexico. The office has a horrible air conditioning system, so I made an effort not to move much. Most of my day was spent trying to figure out places to send notice of an open casting call they'll be having in New York on Saturday... the trick is to concentrate it where the most Native Americans would see it. I blitzed the offices for every reservation in the tri-state area I could find. But then I hit a brick wall. I called the new Museum of Native American Studies in New York, and ended up talking to the curator of the film and video wing. Everyone she suggested I talk to Renee was already friends with, or had approached. And every actor or actress she suggested seemed to have been discovered by Renee. Either this means there really aren't a lot of Native American actors out there, or Renee knows everyone. Maybe a little of both. Anyway, if anyone knows of any Native American actresses between 16 and 25 who would like to be opposite Colin Farrell in a huge new movie from New Line, the folks who brought you "Lord of the Rings", directed by Terrence Mallick, lemme know.

Part of my day was reserved for making a one sheet/teaser poster for a small film Renee is trying to put together. I'm obsessive when it comes to creative projects, so I'll likely be up late tonight working on it, and never bill her for the extra hours. I'll post the results later.

I'm also spending some time developing a new, political based blog. I'm still trying to figure out the focus of it, but know it has something to do with cutting through all the bullshit issues both Kerry and Bush are trying to distract us with so readers can vote this November based on what counts... or something like that. Alas, I'm trying to recruit a few guest bloggers from both ends of the polictical spectrum. I'm looking for people who aren't so on the party bandwagons that they can't be objective, which is incredibly hard to find. So, if anyone out there is interested, contact me. Mainly, the "guest" bloggers would just need to post a few articles or opinions every week, with some light editorial focus.

Enough for now. Next post will have pictures.