Sunday, April 11, 2004

I Like Eggs

Where the hell did the Easter Bunny come from? I understand the whole Santa Claus thing... the evolution of the whole St. Nicholas character to a Coca-Cola advertising icon we now reasily recognize as Santa Claus. But a bunny who lays eggs at Easter? And its a MALE bunny, named Peter Cottontail, laying these eggs. Sounds painful to me. No wonder they come in assorted colors.
Hogging ducks
Claire and I spent the past two days mostly lounging with family. We had a slight diversion yesterday going to a wine tasting event at the Valley of the Moon winery, some pagan bring in the spring thing. For $5 each we got a free wine glass to taste different wines with, along with a food samples. The cool thing about Valley of the Moon is that it was started by witches. Maybe I heard or read this somewhere, or maybe I made it up. I forget. But still, any winery founded by witches is cool enough for me. We also hunted down a reported store that had actually bunnies and chickens on display - the closest we came was a fancy pants home and lawn furnishing store that had a pile of rubber duckies outside.
Me, eggs, artistry.
Everyone went to Claire's grandpa's for Easter brunch. I made myself useful by dying eggs for the first time in years. Not nearly as creative as carving a pumpkin or decorating a Christmas cookie, but I didn't tell them that - instead I got thanked repeatedly for my hard work while dipping eggs in colored water. After we ate everyone proceeded to destroy my eggs in a game of Russian Easter Egg Challenge: everyone gets four eggs, and proceeds to challenge each other for a match of eggs. You smack the tip of your egg against your challengers, and whoever's egg cracks is the loser and disposes of the egg, but they get to use any of their other eggs to continue. After the assorted rounds, whoever is left with an uncracked egg wins. I lost pretty quick, but Claire was doing well until it came down to her and her grandfather, who cracked her egg with ease... but he'd been using a porcelain egg and cheating the whole time. Sigh. White people's entertainment.
Claire's Aunt Ginni, herself, and her grandpa.
Talked to most of my family. My dad and older sister both informed me they've been reading my blog, but have been refraining from leaving comments so as not to stymie my "creativity"... meaning they don't want to read anything families shouldn't know. I imagine if I was single they maybe should be worried - but with a girlfriend I need to restrain myself.

Now just taking it easy with a bad back that I get every once in a while, usually after working on the computer with nasty bad posture... I was walking around like Igor during dinner last night, and still feeling a little stiff today. Hope that I'll be fully recovered for the ride home tomorrow.