Tuesday, April 06, 2004

My second ass and El Coyote.

My plan, right now, is that if I get one of these gigs I'll go to Coachella. At least I know that way I can pay for it, instead of having Claire charge it and then me paying it off. Damn I need a real credit card.

Claire wants to go to El Coyote again for lunch today. I think I'm the only Angeleno who hates that place. I love the atmososphere, but I prefer the taste from chewing on my nails than their meat. And their sauce... well... I now have a second ass reserved just to take care of the sauce.

But, Claire was nice enough to let me charge my computer power cable on her card last night, so I should go without complaining. Well, I'll go. A trip to El Coyote isn't complete without me making a comment about my second ass.