Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A Cacophony of Chickens

Back to life as normal. Meaning, hunting for jobs, scraping together money to pay bills, channel surfing, web browsing, procrastinating writing, etc.

But its Los Angeles, and its sunny out, so not much to really complain about.

Before leaving Sonoma, Claire and I paid a visit to her aunt's neighbor Thia, who wanted to show off her chickens. Claire had been by a couple days before to take some freshly laid eggs, so fresh than when she showed me them they were still warm to the touch. Thia had the chickens perform a "symphony" for us by laying out some pans and cans upside down, and putting their feed on top. Their pecking became a cacophony of sound... a chicken symphony.

The rest of the drive was as dull as can be hoped for, with the only heavy traffic really being just outside of L.A., but still better than a typical rush hour.

Now time to catch up on all the blogs I missed, the political message boards, and a couple emails.