Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Today's Highlight: A double filet o' fish.

It was one of the bad energy days. Maybe it was because of the ten year anniversary of Kurt Cobain's suicide, or maybe it was because I began the day without a wholesome breakfast. Well, I never eat breakfast, unless you count a handful of Oreo's now and then.

Began the day with an interview on the touring boat thing, but it turned out that the job wouldn't be on the boat. This was good news, except that I first learned this after being told the boat would be going all the way down the Mississippi, and I mentioned how that was a dream trip of mine (although I've always wanted to do it with a canoe or cheap ass float boat, not an immense yacht). I was informed that the job would be doing leg work before the boat's arrival, setting up different events that the boat would be a backdrop for. Stuff like movie screenings, parties, and tours of the boat. Nothing difficult, nothing new. But somehow I felt totally intimidated during the interview. I hate feeling like I'm being tested, and I was. But I should have reminded myself that I really do know my shit, that I do know how to gauge how many portalets are needed for varying crowds, that this event was small beans in comparison to many others I've worked and I few I've run. Anyway, I felt like I was choking. This bad vibe comes over me, that permeates for the rest of the day.

I call my girl Claire after, and she informs me that she's been in cranky mood all day, but not to take it personally. A little later I call her from McDonalds, where I'm exciting to discover a "double filet o' fish sandwich", and she tells me that the unemployment insurance she filed for was declined, this after numerous phone calls and piles of paperwork to get it rolling. I'd been through it before, so wasn't surprised, but still made her day only worse.

Anyway, got home to discover that the plug to my laptop had broken. With what battery power I had left I scoured the net for places to get a replacement - everywhere it would cost $130, but if I ordered it online it would be only $60. Seems silly for the dumbest part of the computer, considering I could triple the memory for the same price. Anyway, before I run out to drop $130 on a replacement cord, the folks from the boat tour thing call me and I ask if I can come in for a second interview Tuesday morning. I'm shocked, but I say yes, of course.

So, the bad vibe was perhaps all due to the Kurt Cobain thing, or lack of breakfast. In the morning I'll need to make adjustments to avoid a repeat.