Sunday, April 04, 2004

To Coachella, or not to Coachella?

I keep getting the itching to go to the 2004 Coachella Valley Music Festival.
I barely even knew what Coachella was until this year, when it was announced that the Pixies would be playing there - my second all time favorite band, second only to Pixies lead singer Black Francis' solo career as Frank Black. Anyway, I've seen Frank play around L.A. a few times, but before I even knew who they were, the Pixies had broken up. And so it would be pretty cool to see them live.
But, I hate large crowds. I mean, I love large crowds - if I'm the guy with the bullhorn, or managing the event. But I hate being a part of large crowds. If I'm going to see a band, I prefer clubs or smaller venues. I'd say this is part of me getting old, but, really, I've never liked crowds except while waiting in line for a movie opening night, or sporting events. Something about feeling like cattle.
Anyway, Coachella sounds like hell. Its a festival, so there aren't even seats. Its like a mini-Woodstock, I hear... well, people say its like Burning Man, but I barely know what thats all about, and it sounds like a mini-Woodstock.
And the concept of camping out in a field full of kids hopped up on ecstasty or stoned on the reefer sounds even less appealing.
But, for some twisted reason - for all these reasons I think I want to go and do it. For adventure's sake. And the Pixies.