Friday, April 16, 2004


This is the first time in my life that I've owed taxes, and not a small amount. Which is sort of fine - I'm broke and jobless, and so I can't pay them. So I signed up for a payment plan with the IRS, but didn't send it with the $25 application fee - cause I barely have that - so we'll see what happens. I'm curious how much prison time would cover tax evasion for the amount I owe... and how bad could it be? Sounds like the prisons that white collar offenders go to are surprisigly similar to my life. Eat, sleep, watch TV, conjugal visits. But no internet - hey, what better environment to finally write out a few screenplays and maybe a novel? Some writers travel to remote cabins to get their work down - I'd get a free ride AND take care of my taxes at the same time.

Claire is insisting I go to some art opening tonite. I made her go on a long hike today - this is my repentence. As if going to El Coyote again with her today wasn't enough. But, I'll bring my camera so hopefully I'll have something more interesting to post than a blog on my taxes.