Sunday, April 18, 2004

Fire in the Hole

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I liked L.A. because this is where "the shit" often happens.

Case in point, the following incident occured last Friday three blocks from my apartment:

Scores Are Evacuated After Grenades Found in Apartment

The discovery of four World War II-era grenades in an apartment north of Hollywood's Kodak Theatre prompted authorities to evacuate scores of residents Friday before bomb-disposal crews blew up the devices in a back alley.

Officers said they found the grenades after deputies attempted to serve an eviction notice on a resident in the 1700 block of Orchid Avenue.

Los Angeles Police Department bomb-disposal crews declined to say whether the "pineapple"-type renades were still active, but they said they saw traces of "active powder" on the devices. The grenades were blown up in a pit dug in the alleyway...

My spanking new camera phone died a couple days ago, a discovery made as I was trying to post some neat pics from the Armand Hammer museum event Friday night. Beyond the coolness of the photos, there was nothing else over the weekend to write about, besides playing "Taboo" for hours on end last night. I was the only sober one, so, of course, I won. Abstinence has its rewards.

This coming week should be busy, fun, and hopefully worth blogging about. Its "Employee Appreciation Week" - in other words, Secretary Day redesigned so as not to offend "administrative assistants", and to cover their bosses' asses by giving them a few days slack in case they forget about the actual day. I'll be working at the flower shop, so as to pay for my taxes. Sometime this week I'll check out "Kill Bill Vol. 2"... Tuesday I'm supposed to confirm whether or not I get a swell gig as a tour manager for May and June... Friday night my friend Kari Newhouse is her record release party at Molly Malone's... and next weekend is the LA Times Festival of Books. I barely read anything but internet news, blogs, and magazines nowadays, but I still love to be around books.

Ian McShane as the most vile villain to ever hit television.For the near future, I've been looking forward all week to tonight's episode of "Deadwood", perhaps the best television series EVER. I've never been able to get into "The Sopranos", but loved "Six Feet Under"... this show beats 'em both.