Thursday, April 29, 2004

Terrorists and Mountain Lions on the loose in Los Angeles!

An earthquake is predicted in the near future, a guy with grenades was arrested a few blocks away, and now these two news items from today:

LAPD Receives Threat Against West LA Mall

The Los Angeles Police Department issued a threat advisory after federal officials received an unsubstantiated potential threat of an attack against an unspecified West Los Angeles shopping mall Thursday.

Additional patrols will be put on the streets and shopping mall operators are being asked to enhance the level of security, according to a department statement.

Federal officials received the threat indicating an attack would take place at a shopping mall near the Westwood Federal Building. No specific mall was named. The credibility of the source is unknown, and the information has not been corroborated.

Great. I'm having my third interview only a block away from the Federal Bldg. at 4pm for the COMPANY that I've been trying to work with for months. If some fucking terrorist shuts down the city, I'll be so mad I may have to enlist.

Mountain Lion Reports, Griffith Park Area

Los Angeles officials say they are going to post warning signs in Griffith Park after several reports of mountain lion sightings.

A parks department spokeswoman says a park ranger, a city public works superintendent and several equestrians all reported seeing the mountain lion in a northwest section of the park.

All the news stations are giving tips on what to do to avoid getting attacked by a mountain lion. They don't, surprisingly, advise skipping the park and instead heading for a local mall.